EMCON 2022

Main Conference


H01 Horizon Works
H02 Business Durham
H03 Durham University
H04 Zest I/O
H05 Stiller Warehousing
H06 New Energy & Building Services Solutions
H07 North East Automotive Alliance
H08 Greystone Legal
H09 Seta
H10 LED Supply & Fit
H11 Edwards Analytical
H12 Faraday Centre Ltd
H13 Supply Chain North East
H14 Supply Chain North East
H15 Supply Chain North East
H16 C&A Embroidery
H18 Lumo
H19 Lumo
H20 HR2Day
H21 BTS Fabrications
H22 Dormor Machine
H23 Houghton International
H24 Washington Metal Works
H26 E-Max Systems
H27 Hexagon
H28 Hexagon
H29 Excelpoint
H30 SAM Project
H31 SAM Project
H32 SAM Project
H33 NTG Precision Engineering
H34 Teeside University
H35 Teeside University
H36 Stockton Bearings and Transmissions
H37 Stockton Bearings and Transmissions
H38 Corner Stone
H39 Dyer Engineering
H40 Dyer Engineering
H41 Cirrus Environmental
H42 Bignall Group
H43 Darlington College
H44 Bignall Group
H45 Catax Tax
H46 Mintronics
H47 Make it Sunderland
H48 Azets
H49 iCOR Systems Ltd
H50 RS Industrial
H51 RS Industrial
H52 Apex Meterology
H54 Lucid IT
H55 Business and IP Centre
H56 Trench Networks
H57 Polymer Compounders
H58 Lloyds
H60 Fit Factory & Valuechain
H61 HT Media
H62 Fit Factory & Valuechain
H63 B2B Injection Moulding
H64 B2B Injection Moulding
H65 Cobots Online
H66 Provest
H67 Advanced Northumberland
H69 MSI Engineering
H70 Institute Of Supply Chain Management
H72 Turnmill Engineering
H73 Plastron
H74 Alexandra Technologies
H75 Cell Pack Solutions
H77 Ward CNC
H78 Expanded Metal
D01 Lean 6 Services Ltd
D02 Westline Distributors
D03 SMS Tech
D04 LTC International
D05 Equilibrium Risk
D06 Teams Contracts Embroidery Services
D07 Aycliffe Cleaning
D08 Theo James Recruitment
D09 Stick Marketing
D10 Optimum Security Management
D11 Pattinson and Milburn Training Limited
D12 RMS | Repair & Maintenance Suppliers
D13 Kight Limited
D14 Buzztastic
D15 Shildon Print
D16 Logico NE Limited
D17 SCH Site Services
D18 ei. company
R01 Slaters Electrical 
R02 IVIC Ltd
R03 Green Business Charter
R04 Airlane Pnuematics
R05 MS Testing/Mariner Systems
R06 Plexus Innovation Ltd
R07 HYTORC (UNEX) Limited
R08 Test Driven Solutions
R09 Calibrated Energy
R10 Decerna
R11 RTTS Recovery4Life
R12 MSI  Engineering
R14 Ford Aerospace




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