Engineering Project Management firm FEG Global is bringing an interactive survey to their stand at this year’s EMCON exhibition. The survey will be asking people to answer “What is the key cost driver for your current projects?”

There will be 3 available answers to choose from: Energy Cost, Maintenance Cost/Plant Availability or Labour Cost and all respondents will be able to take part via a token drop into an on-stand display – giving an instant visual representation of the most popular answers.

The team is hoping that the results will give an industry-wide picture of project drivers for 2023.  Chris Williams, MD of FEG Global, said,

“Our clients all have different reasons for starting their projects – typically one of these 3 areas – we were interested to see how this looked across a wider audience before sharing these results with our industry peers and colleagues.  There is a bit of healthy internal competition here at FEG Global too – we all have our own idea of how we think the end results will look and we’re each hoping to be right!”

The survey results will be announced at the end of EMCON and they will also feed into a series of further results as FEG Global takes the survey on tour to various UK exhibitions in 2023.

If you would like to take part then you can visit FEG Global on stand 76 and pick up your token.