Polymer Compounders Ltd

Since its creation in 1993, Polymer Compounders Limited (PCL) has progressively increased the product range it offers to now include ABS, Polycarbonate, PC/ABS alloys, ASA, and other engineering thermoplastics. Its versatile manufacturing plant allows the company to provide tailored materials, as demanded by your application.

What differentiates Polymer Compounders is the service it offers to its customers; rapid colour matching, outstanding technical support, first-class product quality, flexible order quantities and super-fast delivery from its production plant in Durham, UK.

The businesses and individuals Polymer Compounders is most interested in engaging with at EMCON 2023 are tool designers, health and safety specialists, OEMs and injection moulding companies. It has a tried and tested range of polymers to suit those that need engineering thermoplastics.

Polymer Compounders feels that EMCON plays a vital role in highlighting the manufacturing industry within the North East. Its team have attended for several years and felt that now was the perfect time to sponsor the event as Polymer Compounders has just launched a brand new environmentally friendly product into the market called: Notoxicom®. Notoxicom® is an ideal representation of the positive changes Polymer Compounders is making. It represents the future of polymer technology and shows the company’s commitment to making the world a safer place by venturing forward with futuristic technologies.

To see Polymer Compounders’ production process in action, visit the YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/QhdNnH6vn1Q. In addition, further information about the products and services it offers can be found here: https://polymer-compounders.com/.