B2B Injection Moulding Ltd

B2B Injection Moulding Ltd was founded in May 2018 by purchasing the assets of a former injection moulding company.

One of the owners of B2B Injection Moulding Ltd went on to acquire two more businesses – Apollo Plastics in Hull and Plastic Furniture Company in Gateshead.

The group of companies has now grown with B2B and Plastic Furniture residing in the same premises in Gateshead and sharing resources. The group has acquired technical staff who can produce drawings and prototypes as well as programme and use CNC for various projects.

B2B Injection Moulding Ltd can provide plastic injection moulded parts from 1g to 500g.

Plastic Furniture Company can provide rotational moulding of any size and also has its own range of furniture, bins and storage solutions.

Apollo Plastics Ltd in Hull can provide vacuum formed parts. The company has also acquired a vent tile business and a paint booth so it can produce vent tiles in a colour that suits the roof tile.

For more information, visit www.b2binjectionmouldingltd.co.uk, email sales@b2binjectionmouldingltd.co.uk or call 01661 836938.