Cirrus Environmental Solutions

Cirrus is an independent privately owned multidisciplinary environmental and health and safety consultancy, which specialises in providing occupational hygiene and environmental consultancy services.

Its mission is to deliver a comprehensive range of professional, high-quality monitoring, testing, inspection and technical consultancy services throughout the UK and Europe.

It works in partnership with its clients and offers innovative and cost-effective monitoring and consultancy services designed to meet or exceed the specified requirements.

Cirrus offers a range of services such as:

  • Air Quality and Personal Exposure Monitoring
  • LEV Assessment
  • Occupational Noise Monitoring
  • UKAS / MCerts accredited Stack Emission Monitoring
  • Hand Arm & Whole-Body Vibration
  • Sick Building Syndrome Investigations
  • Environmental Noise Monitoring

Cirrus ensures that you, as a client:

  • Comply with your statutory health, safety, and environmental requirements
  • Minimise risk of prosecution from the HSE
  • Reduce risk of accidents or illness at work
  • Promote a healthy, ‘feel good’ working environment
  • Concentrate on the thing that matters most to you, YOUR BUSINESS

For more information, visit, email: or call 0191 543 6455.