Calculating what a job costs is one of the greatest challenges a bespoke manufacturer or engineer faces. Factoring in all the resources used and the complexities of the manufacturing process means getting an accurate picture of the final cost of each of your jobs is a complex and time-consuming activity. But it needn’t be.


Using an ERP with fully integrated accounts allows you to get a true picture of the actual cost of each job. Eliminate guesswork and track your costs through the production process, including labour and workcentre costs. Using accurate and real-time data, you can calculate the final job cost and compare against your initial estimate to identify where you can become more efficient and save on costs.


Not knowing your true job costs can have serious implications for your profit margins so attend our seminar to find out how you can get a greater understanding and better control of your costs.


Our speaker is Nick McGladdery, Sales Director, E-Max Systems