With the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry thriving with innovation and a constant evolution in the improvement to process, at Lumo we are looking to connect with companies that are looking at such improvements and how this looks from an R&D perspective.  At Lumo we work in close partnership with our clients to help them understand and capitalise on R&D credits to empower growth through innovation.  Our unique wrap-around service allows us to take a bespoke approach to all R&D activity, regardless of what stage you are at with the process.  Our team and wider network of industry specialists are on hand to advise and plan your R&D projects pre, during and after project completion.



Last year we had some great conversations with prospects, we hoped to access some more decision makers on the day, obviously I was new to the industry last year but this year we will be showcasing the variety of clients we currently work with to show R&D is everywhere.

We returned to EMCON this year due to the professionalism and organisation of the event, I really enjoyed the incubator zone with the new high growth companies.