Excelpoint operates in the global no-code business-process automation sector. We have built our success and reputation working in partnership with our customers to identify business-critical challenges and address them with our no-code software configuring and deploying scalable solutions to create automated business processes and workflows. Our no-code software plays a crucial role for our customers in creating streamlined operations to improve business results, reduce costs, drive business improvement, enhance the customer and employee experience, and establish data-driven organisations.

What differentiates us from our competitors is we configure and implement solutions within just a few days or weeks, delivering customer-specific software without writing a line of code. It saves customers time, money, resource, and it future proofs the software. On average, our software is deployed up to ten times faster than bespoke development projects offering cost-savings and a faster time to value investment.

Gartner predicts that 65% of software development will include low-code/no-code platforms by 2024. How can this benefit engineering and manufacturing firms in their goal to achieve an enterprise-wide digital environment?

Our EMCON 2022 seminar program will welcome Ian Brown and Oliver Warren from North East tech firm Excelpoint.

Ian and Oliver will explore the benefits to the engineering and manufacturing sector of undertaking a digital transformation. Referencing case studies, they will provide examples of no-code adoption by mid-market and large enterprises to address simple and complex challenges.

They will detail how engineering and manufacturing firms can accelerate their digital transformation through the adoption of no-code software, and in doing so:

· Enable measurable business goals and cost reductions

· Unlock opportunities that support revenue growth and improve asset efficiency

· Contribute towards a streamlined environment and improved quality of manufactured goods

· Enhance decision-making and reporting capabilities

· Adapt quickly to customer demand, global volatility, and economic and political landscapes to create a competitive advantage

· Significantly improve the customer and employee experience.

No-code platforms are configured and deployed on average up to ten times faster than bespoke development projects, with CRM, ERP and manufacturing execution systems able to be deployed within months or even weeks!

No-code solutions have evolved and are now a key component in the enablement of “smart factories”.