Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd will be attending the EMCON exhibition for the first time in September 2022!They are looking forward to making new connections, seeing some familiar faces and networking again in person.


Cirrus is a multidisciplinary Workplace and Environmental Monitoring Consultancy, based in the North East based but with clients across the UK and Europe. Their mission is to offer clients monitoring, support and guidance with regards to Exposure in the Workplace and Environmental Monitoring.


Their services include Air Quality / Exposure monitoring, Occupational and Environmental Noise monitoring, Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing, Hand Arm and Whole-Body Vibration testing.


They also have a UKAS / MCerts accredited Stack Emissions Monitoring team that carry out testing for particulate, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and combustion gases to name only a few.


The team work alongside a wide variety of manufacturers from industries such as Automotive, Engineering, Printers, Chipboard / Laminates, Sawmills / Joiner Shops and Maritime as well as local Schools and Colleges.


Kaye Collins of Engineering & Manufacturing Network said that “their services are beneficial to the protection of not only  Employees but also the Business. This will be an excellent opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to discuss their own needs in regards to workforce and environmental protection and a great addition to the EMCON Show.”