Teesside University have a long-established track-record of delivering high-quality education, research and consultancy in the fields of computing, engineering and digital technologies. They pride themselves on collaboration with industry through research, teaching and innovation,  working hand in hand to provide solutions to key issues facing our environment, digitalisation and manufacturing challenges.


The University has a reputation for developing and building strong working relationships through various ERDF* support projects, providing essential access to their leading experts and practitioners. These projects offer a range of support for businesses to innovate through new products and processes and to drive forward environmental initiatives.  Three such projects, offering funding to eligible businesses are:


  • Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre (NZIIC) is a new £13.1 facility that will position Teesside firmly at the heart of the UK’s green industrial revolution.


  • Tees Valley Hydrogen Innovation Project (TVHIP) is able to develop new networks, products and processes to support a hydrogen economy in the region, helping to deliver ambitious plans for Tees Valley in becoming a clean energy powerhouse for the UK.


  • Industrial Digitalisation Technology Centre (IDTC) explores the opportunities that Industry 4.0 technologies bring, such as Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, modelling, simulation and sensor technology.


Teesside University also offers a wide range of digital and engineering higher and degree apprenticeships to ensure your business remains competitive through higher level skills in the most cost-effective way.


The university confirmed that “EMCON offers the perfect platform for the university to strengthen their networks with businesses in the engineering and manufacturing sectors in particular, enabling numerous innovative and research collaboration opportunities.


The guest speakers have always been particularly relevant to the valuable research and training we deliver at Teesside University, helping us to keep ahead of the game with new thinking and technological developments in the engineering and manufacturing sector.”