Since their inception in 1993, Polymer Compounders Limited (PCL) has progressively increased the product range it offers to now include ABS, Polycarbonate, PC/ABS alloys, ASA, and other engineering thermoplastics. Their versatile manufacturing plant allows them to provide tailored materials, as demanded by customers applications.

What differentiates them is the service they offer to customers; rapid colour matching, outstanding technical support, first-class product quality, flexible order quantities and super-fast delivery from their production plant in Durham, UK.

Engineering & Manufacturing Network (EMN) are therefore very pleased to announce that they have returned to our EMCON Show once again following many successful years of exhibiting and will be present as a Bronze Sponsor. Kaye Collins of EMN commented that “it gives us incredible satisfaction to see exhibitors return year after year, highlighting the success of their products and of course the show. To have Polymer Compounders increase their presence as a Bronze Sponsor, recognising the benefit of investing in the show is a true representation of their past successes at EMCON.”

James Houlder, Marketing Manager for Polymer Compounders stated that “The businesses and individuals we are most interested in engaging with at EMCON 2022 are tool designers, Health and Safety specialists, ‘Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs) and injection moulding companies. We have a tried and tested range of polymers to suit those that need engineering thermoplastics.







We feel that EMCON plays a vital role in highlighting the manufacturing industry within the Northeast. We have attended for several years and felt that now was the perfect time to sponsor the event as we have just launched a brand new environmentally friendly product into the market called: Notoxicom®. Notoxicom® is an ideal representation of the positive changes we are making here at Polymer Compounders Limited. It represents the future of polymer technology and shows our commitment to making the world a safer place by venturing forward with futuristic technologies.”

To see our production process in action, please head to our YouTube channel here: In addition, further information about the products and services we offer can be found here:

Notoxicom® Synopsis – EMCON Keynote Conference Area


Title: Flame Retardants: A Changing Landscape


Due to the growing health concerns regarding the toxicity of flame retardants in polymers in Europe and the Americas, Polymer Compounders Limited (PCL) investigated ways to develop a safer alternative and created the Notoxicom® family of flame retardant materials. Specifically, Notoxicom® B6000 (FR PC/ABS) and Notoxicom® S6000 (FR PC/ASA). 


Notoxicom® is our registered tradename for specialist halogen and aryl phosphate ester-free flame retardant polymers. These materials are unique because they retain industry-leading performance whilst being much less toxic to human health. Notoxicom® polymers can be used in many applications, such as battery casings and state-of-the-art medical devices. 


“World’s first UL94 V0 at 0.8 mm halogen and aryl phosphate ester free, very low toxicity FR PC/ABS and FR PC/ASA materials that do not compromise material properties and give lightweighting advantages.” – (Stephen Blair, 2022, Technical Manager).

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