Engineering & Manufacturing Network (EMN) are the key collaborators in our region, looking for ways to identify synergies in businesses and maximise their potential. We are never happier than when we identify real success from emerging partnerships. One hugely successful collaboration is between FitFactory and SMS.

 EMNs EMCON exhibition provided our member SMS an opportunity to exhibit at Durham Business Opportunities Programme ‘Incubator Zone’ which enabled a showcase of their true potential, allowing an improvement in marketing skills which was something they were looking to enhamce.

 It was at the exhibition that they met fellow EMN member FitFactory and quickly identified synergies.  Peter Williams, Quality & Systems Director for SMS stated that “It has been a passion of mine for along time to become a paperless company which we have achieved at SMS and truly believe the new venture will be able to support all manufacturers moving forward to a paper free industry whilst still measuring and recording Key performance indicators more efficiently so senior leadership can support with closing out and sharing best practices.” He went on to confirm that “ Since joining EMN they have massively supported SMS with collaborations, partnerships and more importantly business skills and insights.”

 Following a meeting with Peter and the SMS team at EMCON 2021, Jason Pritchard, Group Managing Director for FitFactory said “I knew that merging their knowledge with our technology would lead to a market leading QMS product. Their knowledge of SEQCDM  is incredible, which we have harnessed and combined with Fitfactory Technology’s knowledge built on 20+ years of working with 400+ SME, Tier 1 and OEM manufacturing companies.”

 Ben Gilhespy, Operations Director for EMN said that “Success stories like this as a direct result of our networks initiatives give us incredible satisfaction and show the true potential of our region. We are very proud of what we achieve through the network and this is a great example of two innovative and agile businesses identifying ways to improve our sector through obvious synergies. We wish them every success and will continue to support this new venture in the same way we do all of our members.”