ABSCOM® MS117AX is an ABS compound with superior surface and volume resistivity combined with exceptional colourability.

Polymer Compounders Limited, a leading manufacturer of ABS polymers (ABSCOM®), has developed ABSCOM® MS117AX a colourable conductive ABS polymer approved for use in industrial environments according to the ATEX test standard. Usually, this can only be achieved by using carbon-based additives and hence black is the only colour available. ABSCOM® MS117AX on the other hand offers all colour possibilities by utilizing a novel conductive additive without the use of carbon, enabling the end-user to choose any colour; they wish. This gives ABSCOM® MS117AX a distinct advantage when compared to other materials on the market, especially as state-of-the-art technological solutions demand ever-greater control over the electrical characteristics in manufactured goods.
Typical properties of ABSCOM® MS117AX are shown in the table below:







The key features of ABSCOM® MS117AX are as follows:
◼ All colour possibilities.
◼ No loss of mechanical performance.
◼ ATEX compliance. *
*Can meet the Explosive Atmosphere Standard IEC 60079 specification with surface resistance Rs <
10^9 ohms target (RH50 % / 23 °C).