1. What is your role at LUMO?
My role at Lumo is Innovation support analyst, I work with clients at every stage of their innovation journey. With our clients being at the heart of what we do my role is to immerse myself within our clients business helping them make informed R&D decision at every step of the innovation process.

2. What does LUMO do?
Lumo are R&D tax specialists with a difference, we help support and advise our clients on all things R&D helping them understand what is claimable within HMRC`s R&D guidelines. For most R&D companies it would stop there, Lumo offer a full wrap around service so clients are not working blind on R&D, giving them access to a team of highly qualified consultants who can advise project by project on all things R&D.

3. What gets you out of bed in a morning?
Usually the Kids! From a business perspective I love working with different companies and the people within them, business fascinates me so hearing all about the great things that are happening within companies is not like work to me, and If I can help them on that journey the its even better.

4. What makes Lumo different?
At Lumo unlike most R&D companies we offer a full wrap around service where we work with our clients all year round. We consult on a project by project basis in order for the best possible outcome for the clients. We work with our clients pre, during and post R&D allowing a full wrap around service with R&D specialists at the heart of the process providing innovation insight at every stage.

5. What are the businesses greatest strength?
The people within Lumo and the skills they have built up of many years is our biggest asset, over the last 4 years Lumo have built a team of specialist spanning a multiple industries and job roles with R&D and innovation at the core. As a collective Lumo has the tools and personnel to work efficiently within any industry and on any task.

6. What are your primary markets / sectors?
R&D and innovation is everywhere! But most of our clients fall under the following industries: Life sciences, Food and Drink, Science and Technology and Food manufacturing, And multiple sub sudatories that flow from this. Regardless of the industry come and have a chat as R&D hides in the most unlikely places.

7. Do you have growth plans for the future?
With Helping companies become successful at the heart of everything we do, we will look to build on this by helping companies use R&D and innovation to grow and succeed. We will be looking to build on our wrap around services giving our clients the best possible options and advice before they even start an R&D project.