1. Tell us more about Edwards Analytical?

Set up in 1987 by David Edwards, Edwards’ Analytical is an independent consultancy used primarily for bespoke analysis and evaluation of packaging materials, particularly for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industries.
E’A are a SME family owned operation, where our small but efficient team of professionals are always on hand to assist in client enquiries and projects. We operate from our facility within Ineos Compounds, based in Newton Aycliffe – the heart of pharmaceutical manufacturing in the UK.

The term we often use is that we take a “holistic approach” meaning: the totality of something is much greater than the sum of its component parts; they cannot be understood by an isolated examination; giving you, the client, the full picture. Bespoke testing is our core approach when tackling every single project and enquiry.
We value open communication, given the global pandemic; we have adapted our conference room to have full video and audio set up. So no matter the situation; Team E’A are here to help.
We are able to provide  a wide range of consultancy services to back up the analysis of samples, with extensive experience combining a scientific approach across a range of instrumentation and testing techniques. We take pride in our highly skilled and experienced laboratory scientists, offering the highest standard of analytical services.
Our laboratories are split into the three scientific disciplines: Chemical, Physical and Microbiological.

  1. You usually attend EMCON, what made this year’s decision to become a Gold Sponsor?

Because of the global pandemic; the whole world has entered the realm of ‘zoom calls’ and ‘teams meetings’ Edwards’ Analytical have worked closely with Mark Worthington from Cube exhibitions to completely re-design and build a new bespoke exhibition stand for EA. Emcon is the perfect ‘local’ event to showcase this. Becoming a gold sponsor allows the rebranding of EA to be fully embraced and promoted throughout.

  1. What are you hoping to achieve from this year’s show?

Because of where EA are located (within Ineos) we are hoping to promote brand recognition for within the region, focusing on local businesses like ourselves.

  1. Can you share with us your future growth plans? 

E’A are a small independent consultancy led laboratory. We are currently Working with QMS Connect to establish a fully regulated Quality System, which will be accredited to the ISO 9001 Standard.