Tell us more about Cobots Online?
Cobots Online are a collaborative robot (cobot) integrator, we assess, design & automate repetitive tasks to increase efficiency, throughput and safety whilst reducing costs and giving excellent returns on investments.

This is the first time Cobots Online have sponsored EMCON, can you tell us more about your decision to become a silver sponsor.
EMCON represents the heart of engineering and manufacturing in the North, exactly the area we’re looking to support. We recognise EMCON as an ideal opportunity to address a targeted, motivated audience in core industries all at once.

Can you talk to us about your growth plans?
We see a huge number of unrealized or underdeveloped opportunities for automation in the UK (and specifically the North) and we see our growth in supporting these businesses. We aim to work with our clients so they can grow and in turn we’ll grow with them.

What are the main sectors you target?

 The main sectors we are currently focused on are Engineering & Manufacturing! The savings and improvements to be had in machine tending and manufacturing applications alone are staggering, anything from CNC machine loading and assembly to sandling and welding, have a chat you’ll be surprised!