With the roadmap now firmly underway and England exceeding expectations in this regard it now looks like we are well on our way to freedom from the shackles that this awful situation has placed us in.

EMN have spent a great deal of time planning the effects of this on our EMCON show and subsequently delayed the date until well beyond the final release in June, allowing time to build confidence in our sector and also peoples personal confidence allowing them to feel comfortable to meet others face to face.

Asides from delaying the date we have also looked at implementing other measures that whilst not affecting the overall feel of the show will create an atmosphere where those attending and exhibiting feel comfortable, especially relevant due to the numbers expected.

We will be working with partners to put in place some practical measures such as hand sanitisation stations, some barriers to create a direction flow, albeit primarily just around the registration desk and of course additional cleaning regimes before, during and after the show. You can be absolutely assured that we will not only comply with government guidelines but surpass these where possible.

We are all desperate to get back into a room together but we will ensure this is done safely for all those concerned.

Lets make this ‘return’ show the best one ever!