Like all businesses we engage with, EMN frequently review what we do and why we do it, possibly never more so than over the last 12 months. That question not only relates to the grand picture but also specific initiatives that we deliver, one of these is of course our EMCON Show.

The show has had forced evolution following reviews after each show in which we have addressed the format, content and even the name. So lets apply the question of why we ‘do’ EMCON and also what it means to the region.

EMN has the sole purpose of bringing together the regions manufacturers and support businesses for mutual benefit, its that simple but also as wide reaching as that and therefore could address a huge range of topics and issues. EMCON follows that exact strategy, it brings together the regions manufacturers and support business with the purpose of building relationships that will then bring opportunities to those involved.

This last year has been ‘extraordinary’ to sum it up in what seems like an appropriate word, we have all seen great changes in what we do and how we do it, as a result of which we were unable to deliver the show in 2020 and delayed it until September this year. The reasons for the delay were obvious but our discussions with businesses helped us recognise that as soon as we were able to safely launch the show we should do so as it was desperately needed.

This hunger for a show was brought about by several factors;

  • The lack of exhibitions in 2020 had a significant detrimental effect on business sales
  • The strong desire to network ‘face to face’ and see peers, competitors, suppliers and customers
  • The simple fact that people like people and missed the interaction / enjoyment of a live event
  • The continued desire for business growth and exploration of new business opportunities

Whilst we would never be pushed into delivering the show we certainly felt the pressure to get things going again as soon as possible. This has resulted in our continually monitoring the business barometer and working with governments direction on when this would be possible.

The factors mentioned above go beyond just a social event but show the need to see recovery in our sector and region. Businesses are looking for new opportunities, suppliers and also the opportunity to speak to their peers about their recovery and growth and share best practise, something that cant be undertaken effectively in any other environment than a face to face one. Some will need to bring new opportunities to survive, some will want opportunities to grow or diversify and lets be honest, some have done very well in the last year and will want to showcase this.

The rationale to attend or exhibit will be a personal one, which is no different to any other year, but we missed our meal last year so the hunger is greater for this.

Join us and meet the best of the North East.