In our latest ‘Sponsor Profile’ we find our more about one of this year’s bronze sponsors, Air Compressors and Blowers North.

Tell us more about air compressors?

Air compressors are being used in 95 per cent of factories/universities/dental practices/food and beverage manufacturing you name it, we call air the fourth utility with water/gas and electricity – without air the production would not work.

What about your products and the sectors you support?

We can provide air from one bar too 414 bar depending on the application, lubricated too oil free. We have a wide range of sectors from engineering to pharmaceutical but our main focus over the next few years is food and beverage and promoting “Oil Free air” to ensure the products don’t become contaminated.

3) You’re a bronze sponsor of EMCON. What appealed to you about the event?

We were a gold sponsor via Gardner Denver 3 years back and we got a lot of interest.

What do you hope to get from the event?

We would like to discuss the benefits of going Oil Free within the food/beverage and pharmaceutical markets and have customer understand that with this product there is zero risk to the end user “us”. Also to promote that we are on the ind est.

What does the future hold for Air Compressors?

The business is always looking to growth and develop our service base around key staff members who can bring the right work in, with the continued support of Gardner Denver with can only see the future being bright.