In our latest ‘Spotlight On’ sponsor profile, Leanne Fawcett chats to Business Energy Claims, who are one of this year’s bronze sponsors.

Tell us more about Business Energy Claims

Business Energy Claims has a team of energy and legal experts helping businesses to identify mis-selling by energy brokers, and recover the monies where this applies. The energy broker industry is not regulated despite suppliers being regulated by Ofgem, and so there are now estimated to be over 3,000 energy brokers in the market. With little regulation and control in place, mis-selling is widespread by energy brokers and any business can be affected.

You’re a bronze sponsor of this year’s EMCON event. What appealed to you about the event?

The EMCON event is going to be key to sharing this huge issue with an industry which is one of the worst affected by energy contract mis-selling. As manufacturing and engineering firms typically use significant amounts of energy, brokers can earn huge sums and heavily target these areas – our average claim for this industry is £45,000.

What are you hoping to get from this year’s event?

We wanted to attend the event to help raise awareness of this issue and hopefully help to recover thousands for some of the businesses in attendance. It could be that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds in mis-sold commissions by energy brokers for all businesses attending EMCON, so we want to see how many of them we can help!